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Everyone is searching for a better way to manage their income and expenses. A good money management system means more money you can save. 
At this point, there are numerous money management applications all over the internet. Some are free (which is a good thing) but some will require a license fee (which is a bit strange as long as a money management program should reduce your expenses, not increasing them). 

Just like its name strongly suggests, Money on Thread is a powerful and useful application which allows you to easily manage your income and expenses in a professional way. The most important thing about Money on Thread is its interface. Money on Thread comes with an amazing design, making it really easy to use, intuitive and a perfect money management tool. 

Your weekly or monthly expenses/incomes are displayed in a simple to read list and the user can add/remove actions. For instance, you can easily add or remove a bill payment for a certain date. Money on Thread also incorporates a useful calculator. This tool enables you to perform some simple calculation (basic operations). 

Besides creating a simple list with incomes and expenses, Money on Thread allows you to add small comments for each "action" or event from this list. Like this, you will never forget a payment and you will always know how to manage your incomes. 
Money on Thread is completely free. It was released under a freeware license and it's free to download and use without any limitation. Money on Thread supports all major Windows platforms, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. 

Why is Money on Thread famous?

Money on Thread is famous because it is a powerful and useful application which allows you to easily manage your income and expenses in a professional way.

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JDMag: Money on Thread: A budgeting Freeware Program to Make Financing less Scary

Money on Thread is the newest and coolest freeware financial budgeting program that was created with the aim to make tracking your income a lot easier and lets the flow of your expenditure to run smoothly down the page in a simple and user-friendly format.
On the right are the stuff your spend; on the left are the stuff you earn and in the middle is your current remaining balance of which all are organized for easy use and easy navigation so that you wont get tangled up with all your banking and financing tasks.
With the presence of the software, you are able to acquire a simple approach on recordings and stuff and will allow you to modify and follow certain budget activities—income and expenses—of which you can find in one seamlessly organized UI that comes in the form of columns so that you are guided accordingly from top to bottom in chronological fashion. Meaning, you will be able to rack everything from the oldest to the latest transaction [from bottom all the way to the top].

RedFerret: Money on Thread – freeware budgeting program makes your finances less scary

Money on Thread is a cool new freeware financial budgeting program which aims to make it easy to track your income and expenditure by running it all in a simple thread format down the page. Stuff you spend out is on the right and stuff you earn or take in is on the left. In the middle is your balance.
You get all sorts of instant feedback from this kind of approach, although it won’t help you budget for the future, since it’s a present moment snapshot. You do get lots of useful categories to drop things into though, which means you can track what’s sucking up your cash, and there’s also a pretty simple custom report maker for designing a report which fits your needs. Definitely worth a look (but beware quirky Java interface).
The application Money on Thread provides a simple approach to record, modify and follow the budget activities (incomes & expenses). It “places” all those transactions on a “thread”, flowing from top to bottom, in the chronologic order. This means the older transactions will be shown first and the most recent ones will be shown to the bottom of the thread, which grows in down of the page.
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