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Money on Thread 1.6.4 - latest features

  • improved the grid / table view. Optimize the application size (smaller executable).
  • improved the archiving confirmation dialog (added the selection of the date until the archive is done).
  • fixed the start-up error, which happens for the new fresh installations.
Previous versions:
  • added the log file (so in case of errors we can see what's going wrong in order to fix it).  C:\Documents and Settings\[your-user]\MOT\logs\MOT.log
  • enhanced the calendar month widget from the main screen: Money Thread.  

  • separated different locales for date (global application language) and currency (selected account currency).
  • improved the transaction editor (radio buttons to select the type of transaction, new date picker dialog).
  • added the keyboard accelerator for save action (CTRL+S).
  • added the "minimize on exit" option.
  • improved the exit confirmation dialog.
  • improved the SysTray menu.
  • added the accelerator keys for transaction actions (add, edit, duplicate, delete).
  • updated the supported formats for CSV import (Money On Thread, Saving Bank, Credit Card).
  • added new import formats: ASO, QBO.
  • updated the splash-screen.
  • minor optimizations.



  1. This is what my girlfriend needs! She needs this to monitor all her expenses and her unsecured loans payment. She has been spending so much without knowing that it is already way out of her budget. But with this, she would have a guidance on how she should spend and she would also know where her money goes.

  2. I am glad that you find it useful. All the best!

  3. Hi, it does not run in my Win7 ultimate. It just show the launching screen and after that it's disappear and nothing happens. Plus I have run it as an admin / with compatibility mode. Still the same problem occur..

  4. Do you have the Java x32 bits or x64 bits installed on your machine? I tested on java x32bits, and it's working fine...

    Can you confirm the Java version installed on your machine please?

    Thanks !

  5. The debug version 1.6.1 of the application is available at the Download page, under "Beta Version" -- get it from there and try it -- if you still have errors, can you email the log file to my address please ?



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