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Download, Installation Instructions, Release Notes

So, in order to use the application Money on Thread version 1.6.5 built on 2015-12-05, you have to do the following actions.

- For the archive versions w/o JRE:
  • Download "Money on Thread" version that you want (either the one for everyone, or for the IT experts), by clicking on one of the available links in the "Download" section, and then "Save As" to your computer.
  • Unzip the archive file, which you just downloaded on the previous step, somewhere on your computer, by right-click on it and choose one of the available options: "Unzip here" or "Extract here".
  • Start it with the command "StartThreadMoney.cmd" by double-click on it, or from the command line.
  • If you are updating an older version, just unzip the application over the older folder.

- For the installer:
  • Download the setup file MoneyOnThread-n.n.n-setup.exe and start it.
  • The new installer is a classic wizard installer, basically it's just "next-next-next" button :-)
  • This application requires the Java Runtime Env. (JRE >= 1.7.0_40) - and if you don't have it - don't worry, the installer will propose to download it, directly from the Oracle website
  • Start the application from "Start > All Programs > Sorinel Cristescu (SCC) > Money on Thread n.n.n > MoneyOnThread

      Release Notes:

      • version 1.6.5.
              - improved the Grid / table view (added Category column & fixing table searching).
              - improved Evolution view (added the months background coloring)
              - improved Categories view (added the All Expenses and All Incomes tabs)

      • version 1.6.4.
              - improved the grid / table view. Optimize the application size (smaller executable).
      • version 1.6.3.
              - improved the archiving confirmation dialog (added the selection of the date until the archive is done).

      • version 1.6.2.
              - fixed the start-up error, which happens for the new fresh installations.

      • version 1.6.1
              - added the log file (so in case of errors we can see what's going wrong in order to fix it). C:\Documents and Settings\[your-user]\MOT\logs\MOT.log
             - enhanced the month widget from the main screen: Money Thread.
      • version 1.6.0
             - separated different locales for date (global application language) and currency (selected account currency).
             - minor bug fixes.

      • version 1.5.1
             - improved the transaction editor (radio buttons to select the type of transaction, date picker).
             - added the keyboard accelerator for save action (CTRL+S).
             - added the "minimize on exit" option.
             - improved the exit confirmation dialog.
             - improved the SysTray menu.
      • version 1.5.0
             - added the accelerator keys for transaction actions (add, edit, duplicate, delete).
             - updated the supported formats for CSV import (MoneyOnThread, Bank, Credi Card).
             - added new import formats: ASO, QBO.
             - updated the splash-screen.
             - minor optimizations.

      • version 1.4.5
             - fixed the bug with NumberFormat error at startup, for other locale than US.
             - reorganized the toolbar.
             - made the installer smaller, from 35M to 5M.
      • version 1.4.4
             - fixed bug IOException on Windows 7 and Vista for fresh installation (no previous version).
             - fixed the sum input field editing.

        • version 1.4.3
               - added the System Tray Icon with a small right-click menu.
               - added File Chooser dialog for File ~ Open menu option (allowing to load info from many files).
               - enhanced the open archive dialog.
               - fixed bug IOException on Windows 7 and Vista.
               - fixed saving the flag for calendar "with/without" pictures.

        • version 1.4.2
               - fixed Account Currency to take care of language.
               - fixed updating the tooltip after the changing currency.

        • version 1.4.1
               - removed the experimental "PDF export" (due to some errors, which there is not enough time to fix).
               - some UI enhancements.
               - fixed minor bugs.

        • version 1.4.0
               - added the export to PDF file.
               - some UI enhancements.
               - fixed minor bugs.

        • version 1.3.2
               - fixed the import/export
               - updated the icons
               - provided an installer of application  for Windows OS (built with Excelsior JET)

        • version 1.3.1
               - improved the Vista look and feel by using the free Substance library.
               - added the tooltips to the all entities from the main-view called Money Thread.
               - fixed minor bugs.

        • version 1.3.0
               - allow user to edit (add/update/delete) his/her own reports, based on multiple categories (Report Designer and User Defined Report).
               - keep the selected view page when we change between accounts.
               - added the icons for the bottom tabs
               - the edit (edit, duplicate, delete) activity buttons are enabled/disabled based on current selection of the activity.

        • version 1.2.0
                - allow user to edit (add/update/delete) his/her own categories of transactions (income or expense) - in "Tools ~ Configuration" dialog;
                - only categories, which have transactions, are displayed in the "Category Panel" reports.

        • version 1.1.1
                - added the currency setting for each account (i.e. the account A1 uses EUROS, the account A2 uses USD, and the account A3 uses CAD)

        • version 1.1.0
                 - added the option: import from CSV file 
                 - used the free library JFreeCharts for improving the charts at the "Categories" view (JCommon free library is used too)
                 - used the currency symbol for displaying the amounts
                 - small bugs

        • version 1.0.1
                 - fixed the translations for menu options and their tooltips.
                 - small bugs.

        • version 1.0.0
                 - original release.

        Enjoy it!


        1. i GET io ERROR when trying to save an account im using VISTA

        2. Which version did you use (1.3.2 setup installer, or ZIP archive) ?

        3. are you sure you have right to write on disk on the location where application is installed? -- can you install it on desktop and try it again, please!

        4. cant save windows7

        5. windows 7 wont save says 99% 256mb used and in the corner it will say failed 2 open. but is open

        6. I think you use the "executable" version, which I built with Excelsior JET ... maybe they have problems ... can you try the zip archive package, please?

          If, it's working then I'll get rid of that setup.exe crap, which looks good, but works bad on some systems (Vista or 7) ...

          Thank you for your replies!


        7. all is good it was a brand new laptop downloaded some updates for 7 and java works fine now great program love it

        8. If you have IOException error on Vista or Windows 7, it's because the Money On Thread is trying to save your transactions into a file, which isn't allowed on some computers.

          So, the workaround is to execute the MoneyOnThread "as administrator", or better to update the properties of the desktop link to always run "as administrator".

          I'll investigate in the next version to see how this little problem would be corrected.


        9. Hi, Just installed 1.4.1 and it seems to be running fine on an XP system. However, the date for the transactions is in a different language than english. Any comments?

        10. Yes, on XP it's working fine ! Only for Vista and Win7 there are explained issues. The dates are displayed in the language associated with the account currency (by default it's the OS setting -- btw what's your locale?). You go to account menu and select the currency ('USD' for example) that you want for the account.

          I hope it helped.


        11. Some countries (i.e. Canada, Switzerland, Spain etc) have many official languages, and Money on Thread isn't taking care of this correctly ... It's a bug, which I've fixed it already, and it will be present in next build 1.4.2. I'll do the build tomorrow ... ciao, and thanks for pointing this out.


        12. Cannot import QIF OFX CSV files. The import module runs but nothing is imported. I am using Win 7.

        13. The CSV import works fine only with the exported files by Money on Thread. So, if you try your bank generated file then it's normal not to work, because they are using different format inside.

          So, can you drop me an email at with the errors, your testing file .OFX and .QFX and eventually some screenshots, please?

          I know might be sensible info in the files, but maybe you can scramble it (i.e. put 1111111 instead of account number, XXXXX for addresses and names etc), because they are text files (you can edit them with notepad).

          Thank you!

        14. Cannot save calendar without the pictures even when I have the changes in the configuration.

        15. You cannot save the calendar because the save button is disabled, or do you have an IO-Exception (perhaps you have Windows7 or Vista)?

          Anyways, I'm working to change the location of the files where I store this information, to be in the user's space, not in the Program Files ('cause this is more special now in Win7).

          Very soon version 1.4.3 will solve this problem.

          Workaround: you can install 'Money on Thread' to another folder, ignoring the default one (i.e. C:/Users//MoneyOnthread) and you'll be OK with the version 1.4.2.


        16. I tried saving the folder somewhere else but still cannot save the calendar settings. Is there anything I can edit in the file to make it work?

        17. Yup -- you're right -- there is a bug for that flag. You can add into the the line to disable the pictures:

          to make it work (obviously to display the images you put value: yes).

          The issue will be solved by next version 1.4.3.

          Thank you for you feedback!


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