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The application is completely free, as well as the online help, but any donation is always welcome ... for a coffee or an ice-cream ... thx :))

You can download the application Money on Thread, version 1.6.5, built on December 05, 2015, from this page.

Installer Version (latest official version):

   - MoneyOnThread-1.6.5-setup.exe, size 5.54 M Bytes
  • for everyone (recommended) - any Windows OS.

Archive Version (older version):

  - (no JRE) , size 5.52 M Bytes
  • no installer, archive with application JAR files.
  • for IT guys, or non-Window Operating Systems like: Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat etc), Solaris, OS X etc.
  • you need to have installed JRE 1.6.x on your machine, and to have jre/bin on your computer PATH env. variable.

Beta Version (lastest version):


Download Cool Movie Browser from HERE !




  1. It's not bad app -- instead of writing down the INs and OUTs of your budget, you can use this very simple and easy to understand tool. Good job!

  2. Yup -- you're right -- there is a bug for that flag. You can add into the the line to disable the pictures:

    to make it work (obviously to display the images you put value: yes).

    The issue will be solved by next version 1.4.3.

    Thank you for you feedback!

  3. Thanks for solving the calendar background picture issue. The text in solved the problem. I still have issue with the import in QIF OFX and QFX format. I will try and create some sample files soon as you had mentioned before. I am on Windows 7.
    Thanks for the quick response!!

  4. Please allow for editing of currencies. i could not trade my country's currency in the drop down list.

  5. Thanks for playing with my app -- I hope you find it good, so don't be shy to spread the word.

    What country where you looking for, which isn't in the list? 'cause that is the list of available locales on your computer -- provided by the Java -- and which isn't editable.

    I hope the omission of your desired currency isn't a bug, so I'm waiting for your reply, which will help me in further debugging.


  6. Hi, good application. I have only one question. maybe useless, but... I have set currency, but with it, the Date format is set to the same locale. Would it be possible to set it indepenently? Or could it use program's language for date display?
    Thanks anyway for the app. Hope it will keep my expenses low :D

  7. Yes, I'll take care of the date format, to don't be related with the currency ... next version 1.6 will have it separated :-)


  8. I'll provide a debug version to trace down the errors ... stay tooned, please!


  9. To enable the debug level of log then in the file C:\Documents and Settings\[your-user-name]\MOT\resources\ you have to add this line:



    PS: For Vista and Windows 7 the folder location is under C:\Users\[your-user]\MOT\resources folder.

  10. Hi. Since 1st of Jan 2009 there is EURO currency in Slovakia. Is it possible to adjust it in the list of countries? Thanks. Helpful soft :-)

  11. Hi there, congratulation to Slovakia for the euro!

    Unfortunatelly, that list of countries comes from the Java definition of Locales (for sure in the next versions of Java, Orale will have this updated).

    Anyhow, you can use the "France" setting, which matches the Slovakia system, in order to have the Euro sign displayed (the numbers have the same decimal separators).


  12. not working on vista just the opening picture that's all

  13. Can you send me the log file, please?

    Location: C:\Users\[your user]\MOT\logs

  14. Excellent app, it works perfectly on Win 7 and work just the way I need it to. Keep up the good work. =^.^=

    1. I am glad you like it -- today we have a new version 1.6.5.



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